Beach etiquette

We are in the middle of summer, and a lot of you are likely to hit the beach before fall begins. So today let’s look at some tips that should help your fellow beachgoers appreciate you more. 252 more words

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Tips for traveling with friends

Do you have a group of friends you just love hanging out with? Maybe your group has decided that it would be incredible if you guys took a trip together. 236 more words

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Dining on a cruise

In the old days, eating on a cruise was pretty simple. You would be put at a table, and you would eat with the same group of people three times a day. 229 more words

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Hotel etiquette #2

Most of us go to hotels to unwind and relax. But we should be mindful of the fact that everyone else is there to relax as as well. 265 more words

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Hotel etiquette #1

Unless you travel all of the time as part of your job, staying in a hotel can be a lot of fun. But today we are going to look at some hotel etiquette. 163 more words

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Destinations for families

Okay, you’ve made a decision, you are going to take sometime off from work and are going to take your family on vacation. Now that you have made that decision, you need to decide where you are going. 223 more words

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Priority Pass eliminating non-lounge experiences for AmEx cardholders

Effective August 1, 2019, American Express cardholders who have Priority Pass memberships through their credit cards will no longer have access to non-lounge experiences, including discounts on dining at select airport restaurants. 65 more words