Kanchipuram a city of temples, Tamilnadu, India

Kanchipuram popularly called as just Kanchi is well known for two things in India.  One as a temple city having beautiful architecture rich old temples from the Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagar dynasties around the 6th to 9th century timeframe. 1,389 more words


Gala Night: Dosa special dinner | PGPM Class of 18 | Great Lakes Institute of Management

The scene is set. One hectic year of Management course ahead. Piling assignments, class works, quizzes, exams and what not. Amidst the rising tension, Great Lakes Management did the (almost) unthinkable. 212 more words

Coffee, a way of life

There are two types of people, those who love coffee and the rest who don’t. Cliched though it sounds, coffee is one such drink that either creates loyalists or enemies. 594 more words


ரஜினிகாந்த் ஒரு புதிய கட்சியை உருவாக்குவதன் மூலம் அரசியலில் நுழைவார் - குருமூர்த்தி

சில மாதங்களுக்குப் பிறகு, தமிழ் நடிகர் ரஜினிகாந்த் உண்மையில் அரசியலில் நுழைவார் என்று தோன்றுகிறது. குடியரசு தொலைக்காட்சிக்கான (Republic TV) ஒரு நேர்காணலில், வர்ணனையாளர் எஸ்.குருமூர்த்தி, நடிகர் விரைவில் மாநில அரசியலில் சேர்கிறார் மற்றும் பாரதிய ஜனதா கட்சியுடன் இணைந்த ஒரு புதிய கட்சியை உருவாக்குவார் என்று வெளிப்படுத்தினார். 20 more words

Tamil Nadu

Agrarian Crisis

There is a widespread perception that the “agrarian crisis” is more or less an outcome of natural calamities like drought which no one can fight. Governments have used this misperception in their favour to hide their inefficiencies in problem-solving. 1,531 more words


Road trip to Chola Nadu - XI - Inn Pondiville Forest retreat

The last day of our Tamil Nadu trip was all about driving back home to Nellore from Pondicherry, so spent the entire morning putting our feet up at Inn Pondiville Forest retreat, a beauty of a resort where we had set up our camp here for our Pondicherry trip. 880 more words

Tamil Nadu

Life Rules

Nothing but trouble comes out of these four:

Making use of friends. Remember the down fall of Choi Soon-sil who was a close confidante of the former South Korean President. 307 more words

Benny Thomas