Bharatha bhooshira mandira sundari bhuvana manohari, Kanyakumari

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Kanyakumari is the beautiful song from Kannada movie Upasane, describing the southernmost tip of India.

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India - WVS International Surgical Training Centre

I spent 2 weeks in the Spring of 2015 at a surgical training center for vets in the mountains of southern India, near Ooty in Tamil Nadu. 793 more words


5 - Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad -Thamizhchelvan

“So far, 134 Hindus who opposed terrorism and questioned the injustices committed against Hindus have been brutally murdered in Tamil Nadu. The exclusive documentary on the Jihadi murders clearly establishes the growth of Islamic terror in the state and how the government is found wanting in its investigations.” – Thamizhchelvan… 1,844 more words


Puducherry churches

I stumbled upon enormous churches, all of which seemed over sized for a town like Pondy but I suppose in the days of French colonial rule, they needed them or perhaps it was about being bigger than the Hindu temples. 53 more words


How G. H. Hardy tamed Srinivasa Ramanujan’s genius - Béla Bollobás

“It was clear to Hardy that Ramanujan was totally exceptional: however, in spite of his amazing feats in mathematics, he lacked the basic tools of the trade of a professional mathematician. 1,262 more words