7) KOVILPATTI – Shenbagavalli Amman temple is famous temple at Kovilpatti. The temple is supported by 17 pillars and 17 letters. This temple was built at Shenbaga Raja. 60 more words

The temples of Tiruchchirippalli 

Apparently, and unsurprisingly, everyone calls Tiruchchirappalli Trichy. It’s just under an hour by express train (30 rps) from Thanjuvar and we arrived at Trichy Junction at 10 in the morning and took the tuk tuk straight to the hotel. 884 more words


Wahabism, et al

I am with Jeyamohan on his views on Wahabism.

I consider Sufi-Islam as more suited to our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic society than the most puritanical interpretation that Wahabists espouse. 730 more words

English Posts

The Trichy Cholan Express to Thanjavur

An hour by passenger train from Puducherry to Villaparam Junction, 10rps (10p) each, where we picked up the Trichy Express for the four hour trip south to Thanjavur, ‘rice basket of Tamil Nadu’, former capital of the great Chola Empire, location of the World Heritage designated Brihadishwara Temple and, naturally, another hot, dusty, crowded and noisy Indian city. 840 more words


Rickshaw road trip!

After spending a week in Auroville with Ravi and Jeff it was time to continue the adventure and get a rickshaw! Rickshaw, auto rickshaw, tuk tuk, auto, they are all the same thing. 2,764 more words


Rickshaw Diaries

I just realized I have a flip flop tan. Or the dirt has caused my feet to appear darker by exactly two shades. Both are entirely possible, but in India; one has a significantly higher probability.  3,109 more words


More Temple Entry Action in Offing

(People’s Democracy, November 15, 2009)

Alleging that dalits were still facing discrimination in different parts of Tamilnadu and that this included denial of access to temples, the Theendamai Ozhippu Munnani (Untouchability Eradication Front) has announced that it would organise more temple entry protests in the state. 160 more words

Anti-Caste Struggles