Bonded labour: The big challenge after the drought

Chennai, May 30: The rescuing of 300 bonded labour from a brick kiln in Tamil Nadu shows the dark side of the industry and how human lives continue to be exploited. 54 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

Two Students Killed As Live Wire Falls On Bus

At least two students have reportedly died, and a further 30 were injured, after a live wire fell on their school bus, in southern India. 83 more words


Granite boulders of Mamallapuram

Apart from temples carved into the rock, the main heritage site contained natural beauty beyond the seventh century relics. 74 more words


Mamallapuram’s main heritage site

Nestled within the boulders of Mamallapuram, were temples carved into the granite just west of the shore temple. I wandered through a labyrinth of paths where elaborate friezes were carved into the stone as well as temples fronted with columns. 56 more words


Sri Shankara Speaks - Part 2

This is the continuation to the previous post.

Question : What is the method by which the present lost generation of Hindus can be reclaimed in terms of religion? 2,406 more words