I Know ... I'm Sorry

The other day, a relative posted their testimony of the LDS gospel to social media, and they used the words, “I know.” I got a bit triggered by this statement because in recent years, those words have come to mean an expression of extreme arrogance. 1,457 more words

Living Life

Biden to bide our time (and cry though)

Today Bernie officially suspended his campaign for president of the United States. By doing so, he also suspended his campaign as the leader to appoint the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, who will unfortunately die eventually (perhaps without a single retired day in her life). 1,267 more words

Letters to Chris. 3 Years Later.

Hey Buddy,

TAPS calls the day you died your “Angelversary.” I kind of like it. It’s better than the alternative. Today is the one day a year I dread. 823 more words


Other People's Shoes - Podcast

Today… an interview I did for a podcast went live. I don’t think my heart has left my stomach since. It is hard to share our testimony or past truths of things we’ve experienced sometimes and this was no different. 114 more words


How I Drown In My Own Negativity

So, in my introduction post I mentioned that I’d be using this blog to kind of release some of my stress. As I said, writing has become the way I get out of my loop hole of all my negative thoughts. 2,261 more words

We Know You Didn’t Mean to Add to the Stigma

When we share honestly, we open ourselves up to the risk of being judged.

I tell people that I prefer working from home on Mondays to avoid questions like, “how was your weekend?” For me, it’s the assumption that the person isn’t genuinely interested in my answers and the pressure to inquire about theirs out of courtesy.

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Mental Health