7 Photo Story

Creating a narrative can be difficult on its own, but boiling a narrative down to a handful of still images carries an extra challenge. If I had more time to create this photo narrative, I would have created vector images, complete with color, from my original sketches. 82 more words

VR Marketing And Design Company

To brands seeking to stand out from the crowd, we are
an innovation lab and marketing studio that utilizes emerging
technology to create one-of-a-kind wow experiences. 62 more words

Posting Lies Online

You see the posts online all the time: name calling, insults, on and on. But what happens when someone posts a lie about someone else? Can they do that? 795 more words


Does your Story have a Causal Chain?

It took me so long to realize I needed a causal chain in my fiction. Specifically, it took me a long time to know I should pay attention to cause-effect relationships when revising. 635 more words

Creative Writing

Remembering Man's First Lunar Landing

Like millions around the world, on July 20, 1969, I was glued to the Apollo 11 coverage. We strained to watch American astronauts Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin become the first humans to land on the moon. 274 more words

Janet Jackson and 50 Cent to perform at Saudi Arabia concert boycotted by activists

Just over a week after Nicki Minaj pulled out of appearing at Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah World Fest, Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, and Future have been added to the festival’s lineup. 254 more words


Stories--a poem

A poem lingers in the back of my throat; scratching my vocal cords like an angry cat.

When I close my eyes words dart across my lids like alarmed starlings from the cherry tree. 83 more words