Fantasy world 19

Name: The Mad House

Description: The Mad House is a tea house located in the middle of nowhere, they serve everything you could imagine from tea to moonshine, cakes to seared mortal flesh- you want it they serve it. 108 more words


#LongandShortReviewsBloggingChallenge 7.17.19

Today’s topic for the Long and Short Reviews blog challenge is fictional worlds I’d love to visit.

Does NYC in the future count as fictional? 581 more words

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How To Unity 360 Video in 17 Steps

Versions & Packages

This 360 Video is done with the following Unity & Unity Packages Versions.

  • Unity Version 2019.1.1f1
  • Unity Post Processing Version 2.1.7
  • Unity Recorder Version 2.0.1 (Preview)
  • 198 more words

The Alone Girl, part three

A tang filled the air tickling the girl’s nose.  Watery sun filtered through high clouds.  The girl walked on, the scent of burning leaves pleasant on the air.  518 more words


The Windows Shortcuts I Use

Even the simplest shortcuts can decrease time wasted, and increase productivity. I don’t try to alter what is default for the OS when it comes to commands. 325 more words