RAGing your actions in post incident reviews

This is a practice that I’m trying to get traction with at work, but it’s not something I’ve seen or read about other people doing. But then it seems so obvious that other people must be doing it, so I’d love to hear more about that. 139 more words


Hitting the wall

Photo by Mike Anderson on Pexels.com

Recently, a friend was very upset, so I went to talk to her. She was to the point of rage-crying. 769 more words

How Nepal’s forensics infrastructure lets perpetrators get away with crimes

“Many doctors have never witnessed even a single case before they start performing autopsies,” said Wasti. This has huge implications for criminal investigations— doctors are often unable to provide information that would aid police in their investigations. 199 more words


e184 -Necrophelliac Assless Chaps (Top 5 Horror Movie Perverts)

This week Dom & JD give you their TOP 5 HORROR MOVIE PERVERTS! These are the sleaziest of the bunch in a genre full of human garbage. 36 more words

Woman's death treated as suspicious after body discovered at popular Brisbane park

ABC News 6 September 2019

Police have named a young woman whose body was found in a northern Brisbane park on Wednesday and say her death is being treated as suspicious. 49 more words

Forensic Pathology

Calder | Postmortem

Something that went well: There was no real issue with communication, beyond some people being unreachable due to uncontrollable circumstances like being mugged, losing internet, etc. 114 more words