I can't wait anymore

I can’t wait anymore, I need you to embrace me and convey what lies within, I hope not to be the only one who looks and smiles herself to sleep staring at the moon, 34 more words


A spring morning - Haiku

wet April morning –
windscreen wipers wipe away
pink cherry blossoms

#A Haiku to bring calm and serenity back to virtual lives! Lol! WoHoo!


Haiku 18033

It may not seem I,
Make efforts to be with you,
Doesn’t it always
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.



When we think about existence, we first think what is the cause or reason behind the particular existence and how the existence came in it’s well defined form? 233 more words

colour dye

what is this useless bleeding? love is my wound, so it can’t be so bad right. you said i was wrong, that i promised never to write the break up poem, that this must be composed and decomposed in broken parts, that it is written in a language i don’t know how to speak yet, that somewhere there is a discussion of between us of how it is raining in toronto and drying venice, how i wear water like a windshield whipper in a snowstorm, how it has been about two years since i kissed your elbow, how when i did i mistook it for ice cream, how you never liked ice cream anyways, how i told you that absolutes were foolish, how you argued about the justice of a court system built on the lack of it, how you told me to be better, to think better, how i did, slowly, thinking what you were doing, and you were, rapidly, with others. 17 more words


MARCH 22, 1980 (“Worship”)


Here I kneel,

like a monk at the altar of Truth

paying tribute to Life.


like a noble samurai

performing honorable Seppuku

to purge… 129 more words

Kevin Keelan