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ON LIBRARIES: The Leader in You

If you saw the title and thought “Hilda’s writing about being a leader again” my response is – absolutely. I will likely never stop. I honestly believe every one of you is a leader.  825 more words

On Libraries


I’d like to think that I am smart and come up with amazing things to say all the time but in reality a lot of it’s what’s been poured into me or what I’ve read. 379 more words

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Quote of the Day | 09.16.19

The problem for many leaders is they do not really want to lead. They just want people to follow.

  • Ron Edmondson

Fearless Leader

I noticed something in my life and many other lives in my view and in the Bible:

The person with the least fear/most courage is the leader. 71 more words



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We Bleed Their Greed

I want my country to care enough about it citizens, not to watch them die, simply because they want the biggest house on the block. I want, no I need to feel like my life matters, that my families life matters and each and every single person I met matters to our “leaders”. 239 more words