Tuesday Theory

Sometimes good trade set ups also fail to work and the move goes against the intended direction. At this time, it is best to accept the loss and move on.

This is how I read Nifty

A downfall of 145 points from the high of the day in a manner where there was hardly resistance as can be seen from the intraday charts. 159 more words

Monday Mantra

For intraday trades, it is necessary to have planned Entry and Exit levels with good RR rating so that before the move fades which often is the case, gains can be banked in to the account.

This is how I read Nifty

Down 69

Up 46

Down 82

Up 17

In all a move of 214 points and it seems the index has been giving good number of opportunities to make money intraday. 186 more words

Friday Funda

If a scrip dpes not make the intended move by EOD, it is a good idea to exit the same even though SL has not yet been hit.

How I Read Banknifty

Yesterday, Banknifty FUT was in the zone, but faced a strong resistance at the 61.8% FIB level. While the FUT opened negative, it eventually recovered and closed almost exactly at the same level as before. 285 more words

Thursday Trading Thought

When the original trade is a low risk trade, adding size to it when it is profit increases the odds of making good gains in the trade as such trades either have extremely low risk or no risk or market money is getting used to make more money.

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