3 days 3 quotes// day 1

I have been tagged in this by quite a few people and I have meaning to do this because it looks fun. But then I get all sidetracked and forget until someone tags me again. 205 more words

The gods speak in Kannada

The Bhagavadgita is among the most revered texts of literature and philosophy. It has universal appeal irrespective of region, religion, sect or creed. This is because what the Gita says is more ethical than theological. 50 more words

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What Do Your Bookshelves Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your shelves say about you? What people looking at your bookstagram account would be able to tell about you, based on how you organise your books? 1,733 more words


Deep Work

11 interesting paragraph from the book “Deep Work” by “Cal Newport”

  1. To explore this macro perspective we turn to a pair of MIT economists, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, who in their influential 2011 book, Race against machine , provide a compelling case that among various force at play, it’s the rise of digital technology in particular that transform our labor market in an unexpected ways.
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Three Daughters of Eve - Elif Shafak

This novel nicely balances themes of family, religion, culture and a sense of identity. The story follows Peri, a Turkish woman, who grew up in a divided family home in Istanbul. 144 more words


The Cosmic Animator

Wherever there is activity in the universe, there must be a power that is causing that activity. Even scientists, who are very successful in describing… 222 more words



This week, I’m reading UNPLUGGED by Steve Antony during storytime. I’m taking a bit of a risk reading this book to a large group of kids. 240 more words

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