Sarkodie ft Okyemfo -[ Biibi Ba challenge] fortune

Download mp3 here

Adonk3 signed artist OKYEMFO got the chance to be on sarkodie latest tune “Biibi ba” as their first collabo. Download the tune and share if you want more from them

I had this in half yearly exam paper, but this is something that needs notice.

Yesterday I had my english paper and one of the comprehension passages, brought to my notice this thing that is to be known if you havn’t yet. 644 more words

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Like Tinder but Less Grim | This is Grimder on

This is Grimder on It’s like Tinder except less grim. Basically, the idea is to swipe left or right to decide where people go for the after life. 178 more words



The commitment is often used when a person desire their partner to pledge to them in an exclusive relationship. Question. What does being in a committed partnership means? 7 more words


Sunlight-Powered 'LightSail 2', Set To Launch Soon, Is Worth Getting To Know.

by Anura Guruge

This YouTube video provides a GOOD introduction.

This YouTube video is just plain COOL.

This is pretty neat. A tiny spacecraft, the size of a loaf of bread, powered by a Solar Sail — yes, powered by sunlight, but not in terms of… 60 more words

Anura Guruge