Penguin's Kitchen: Return of Thai Jing Jing

Admittedly, I have never eaten at the original Thai Jing Jing. But its reputation preceded it, and the return of the Thai eatery was met with some fanfare on social media from fans. 366 more words


Neue Sensation: 1973 BMW 2002

It’s quite hard to imagine it today but back in the post-war era of the late 1950s, BMW was is dire straits. Their cars were either outdated, too expensive or simply not making enough money to keep the ailing manufacturer afloat. 1,118 more words

Hey Singapore, the future is in our own backyard.

Growing up, I was a kid in love with ideas and stories. Having kiddos perpetually glued to a screen wasn’t in fashion then, and every Sunday at Grandma’s I would take a hula hoop, pretend it was a magic school-bus, and take my younger cousins on field trips to make-believe realms filled with all sorts of oddities. 1,063 more words


Singapore... Our first trip travelling with infants.

When the kids were 2 months old, there were cheap flights to Singapore and on a whim I bought tickets there for a weekend since I wanted to R&R. 334 more words


Report flags how China conducts influence operations in Singapore - The Straits Times


China is using cultural organisations, clan associations, business associations and youth programmes to engage in influence operations in Singapore, a United States-based scholar said this week.

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Al the events in my life that I’m experiencing now, joblessness, stuck in the rut with nothing much to do and literally waiting things out, numerous health issues, last but not least my current hearing impairment are the nasty consequences of a culmination of events which occurred in my teenagehood. 541 more words

Killiney Kopitiam now in Sydney

Killiney Kopi-Tiam comes to us from Singapore, where it became famous for its location on Killiney Road Singapore. It has been opened 100 years to this year and has spread across Asia and Australia – with stores in Melbourne and now Sydney. 458 more words