Reason and the True Good - Seneca


In letter #124, Seneca engages the fountainhead of the ‘true good’ in human action. He concludes that virtue is the cradle of happiness, and the cradle of virtue is reason. 182 more words



we value many things such as life
being happy, avoiding strife
but how many of us know
what seeds we actually sow

all beliefs, sports and groups… 125 more words


Revelation of God

For me, it started with God’s name, I AM. With all the names of God and trying to remember the meaning of all His Hebrew names, at the end of the day when someone asks me, “What is God’s name?,” I say, “I AM.” 352 more words

The apple of enlightenment

When I was Reading MDR, I was fascinated by how the Age of Enlightenment was presented by Jung. Coming out of the middle ages, in which Religion predominated, Western civilisation pushed for a more preponderant role of reason. 753 more words


The bridge between Metaphysics and Ethics

The meaning of ‘value’ is that which is valued by an entity capable of valuing. ie., value is that for which an entity acts to achieve or preserve, in face of at least one other available alternative course to pursue. 942 more words