News from Czech Republic / Wieści z Czech

by Moan Alisa

photos Jan Hutter

In the beautiful autumn months, Prague saw quite a lot of roller derby action. The two games I managed to catch (and to play in one) were Prague City Roller Derby A-Team VS Belfast Roller Derby on 17.11.18 and Hard Breaking Dolls VS Dusty Steelers, which is an agglomeration of two Austrian teams: Dust City Rollers Graz & Steel City Rollers Linz, on 24.11.18. 720 more words


Short Track Roller Derby: A New Way to Build Derby / Short Track Roller Derby: Nowy sposób na rozwój!

by Sam Skipsey (Scottish Roller Derby Blog) and Hulk (Saint-Petersburg Roller Derby)

Short Track Roller Derby is built around making a more accessible, perhaps more “fun”, version of Roller Derby, which needs less of every resource to run. 3,744 more words


Derby at the edge of Europe: the story of Roller Derby Sofia / Derby na krańcu Europy: historia Roller Derby Sofia

by Sam Skipsey

Plotting the spread of Roller Derby in Europe is like following the diffusion of ink on blotter paper: dense initial seeds (in the UK and Germany and France) form fronts which expand across untouched territory, year by year. 2,255 more words