New Features Added in SQL Server 2008

New Features Added in SQL Server 2008

Activity Monitor: Great tool to showcase resource utilization and performance using GUI.

Policy Based Management: The ability to manage standards on multiple servers… 2,381 more words

New: Change Status labels, hide, add new and re-order

If you want to rename, add or hide a status you can do now do this for all modules. Quikflw can now better represent the process flows and terminology you need. 84 more words

New Features

The Book Blog Makeover

There comes a time when change is needed. Not only for the purpose of keeping up with the year / decade / century but also because change is a much-needed process we all have to go through. 777 more words


New: Apply price, discount, etc. to a product in a quote everywhere it appears

If you have a product that appears more than once in a quote and you need to update its price, margin, discount, etc. on every occurrence in the quote you can now do this with a couple of clicks. 58 more words

New Features

Upgrades, Changes and Renovations: An Update on StoneTrash's Recent Transformation

It’s been said time and time again that “change is a good thing.” Embracing this mantra has been key to our growth over the last few months here at StoneTrash. 710 more words

New Features in 8.2

New Features 8.2.01

1. Copy From the File/Folder Properties Panel –

You can now copy a property value from the File/Folder Properties panel. Right-click a property value and click Copy to copy it to the clipboard, as shown in the following image. 1,235 more words

New Features

New: Quick-Add a Product/Service to a quote

You can now just type in the product’s code into the new box and hit return. The system will immediately add the item to the quote. 31 more words

New Features