Tookish Travels

Welcome to the spot On Wanderwood Lane where I will share the photographic journey of my travels.

While I’ll be starting with the BIG ones, like Ireland and Italy, I want Tookish Travels to become a place that eventually houses all my adventures great and small, as I continue to cultivate my artistic expression through my words and photography. 44 more words

OWL Daily

Who's that girl?

Maybe it was all the brainstorming and shopping for that costume yesterday, maybe it was watching Night School tonight at movie night, or maybe was Alanis singing to me on the drive home but I am still stuck in 90’s brain…and not just 90’s brain, my 90’s brain. 1,052 more words

OWL Daily

A day off

The most surprising thing about today wasn’t that I had the day off, because I try to take mid-week off every week BUT that I woke up too exhausted to do everything that I planned. 413 more words

OWL Daily

So Much Gratitude, Time to Move Forward

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted with any regularity. As with everyone, life happens and it happened the heck all over me for the past couple of years. 468 more words

This Week I Learned...

That's not who I want to be.

Almost a year ago I made a significant change in my life.

A year ago, I was defined by the things that I was doing: 450 more words


Outside of Time

It’s all about time,
60 seconds in a minute,
Just lying with you is time,
Every breath, every minute,
Your being compliments mine,
We were drunk on the divine, 21 more words